Technological improvements in the past two to three decades almost doubled the overall number of products compared to all the previous years combined. Especially due to the advances made in computing power, video analytics have also been made more accessible to the masses.

What is Video Analytics?

Video analytics is a technology that analyzes video feeds to detect and determine events to generate alerts and insights. The use cases of video analytics range from identifying and detecting intruders to tracking people or objects, and has been commonly used in sectors such as retail, security and manufacturing. With the capability of providing real-time automated and actionable insights to personnel on the ground, video analytics have become widely adopted in many industries.

#1 Security

CCTV that is used for security
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Security is one of the earliest applications of video analytics as such operations involve a massive amount of CCTV monitoring at any one point in time. The adoption of video analytics enhances the capabilities of security officers as they do not have to manually look out for security breaches.
The use cases of video analytics in security includes:
1) Intrusion Detection
2) Facial Recognition
3) Motion Detection
4) Access Control

#2 Manufacturing

Video analytics for manufacturing
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Manufacturing plant’s efficiency and safety are crucial in order to maximise the yield from the cost of investing in a plant. While different manufacturing plants may have different operations based on the products they produce, the versatility of video analytics makes it the best choice to garner insights and get alerts from ground activities such as defect checks and forklift blind spots.
The use cases of video analytics in manufacturing includes:
1) Detection of Chokepoints
2) Product Inspection
3) Inventory Management
4) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Detection
5) Vehicle Speeding and Blind Spots

#3 Construction

Two Construction Worker on Construction Site Working
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Construction is one of the most inherently dangerous industries in the world with its large and convoluted nature. Safety incidents and stop-work orders are not uncommon in the industry with highly accident-prone activities being carried out daily. While safety policies are in place to ensure safety, they can be further enhanced through the use of video analytics software. Video analytics systems conduct analysis of real-time CCTV feed, providing automated alerts when an undesirable act is detected. At the same time, the system can provide useful insights on productivity on site.
The use cases of video analytics in construction includes:
1) Congregation Of Workers
2) Vest Color Based Zoning
3) Hard Hat Detection
4) Safety Vest Detection
5) Workers Under Lifted Loads
6) Missing Barricades
7) Radius Around Heavy Machinery And Vehicles
8) Open Edge Detection
9) Timelapse
10) Floor Cycle Time
11) Stage Completion
Management teams and safety officers will be able to benefit greatly from the real-time monitoring, and tracking of their operations by implementing video analytics. They would be able to keep track of things like the number of workers or progress on-site, to detect early warnings signs that could cause potential delays or additional risks to the project. Safety officers will be made aware of safety violations even if they are not physically on site. This allows them to come up with effective action plans that ensures that all the safety protocols are being adhered to in order to prevent accidents.
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