About Us

Ailytics is Southeast Asia’s leading Video Analytics solution provider that helps companies enhance their operational safety and productivity.

The global industrial workplaces are known to be dangerous and less productive, with construction inefficiencies and safety lapses costing a staggering $2.8T across the world.

At Ailytics, we believe that workplace productivity is key whilst safety is non-negotiable and can be easily improved by adoption of the right technology.

Using the latest breakthroughs in AI, we empower workplaces to have 24/7 monitoring of their operations, receive real-time actionable insights and take actions to optimise their operational bottlenecks and ultimately creating a safer and more efficient workspace for everyone.


Pre-Built AI Models

Years of AI Expertise

What we do

We Got Started Because We Want to Help Customers Achieve Operational Excellence

We build video analytics solutions that provide actionable insights to help customers make better-informed decisions for their operations.

Our team of industry and AI experts leverage on state-of-the-art video analytics technology that allows us to develop advanced and critical use cases that go beyond industry standards.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that we are delivering valuable solutions that ultimately enhance their operational safety and productivity.

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