Improve vehicle efficiency and utilization by tracking their movements in and out of the worksite

Benefits of Implementation

Vehicle Ingress_Egress

    • Scan at multiple entry and exit points 
    • Keep track of vehicle license plates, entry timings, and duration
    • Understand vehicle movements and unauthorized access
  • Automatically classify multiple vehicle types
  • Count the number of entries for each type of vehicle
  • Leverage on the logs to cross check with records as a form of validation

  • Automatically creates a log each time the vehicle is detected
  • View all logs through a user-friendly dashboard
  • Leverage on records for verification purposes 

  • Keeps a record of how long each vehicle stays at your worksite
  • Understand if you are being overcharged for vehicle rentals

  • Analyze trends to see if they tally with the expected project plan
  • Access the database through a user-friendly dashboard to check records
  • Generate reports for key stakeholders