Accidents on construction sites are costly as stop-work orders may harm progress which translates to lost time, money and reputation. Construction safety should be thought of as a collective effort by everyone from the ground up, with workers taking active steps to abide by safety policies. Measures can be taken to improve workplace safety on site.

#1: Educate and Re-educate safety practices

Construction workers undergoing construction safety orientation course
Source: CSOC

Educating new workers is necessary to ensure that they are aware of the risks and the safety precautions they can take to protect everyone at the site. In Singapore, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) require all workers to undergo Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC). This ensures that the workers attains the key knowledge to work safely on site.

The workers are exposed to many safety risks when on site, hence measures such as safety meetings are good forums to raise awareness and re-educate workers. These meetings should be conducted by safety officers on site, updating workers on the hazards which are relevant to the ongoing site work.

#2 Ensure compliance of safety policies

Man speaking in walkie talkie on construction site
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All construction sites should have safety policies in place to ensure workers’ safety. While there can be many safety policies put in place, there still needs to be a system to ensure that these policies are complied with. These can be done in the form of spotchecks by the safety team or with the help of technology.

#3 Deployment of video analytics system

Two Construction Worker on Construction Site Working on Top Floor
Video analytics systems are capable of providing real-time insights and automated alerts to safety officers on the ground whenever an unsafe act is detected. This increases the reach of safety officers, by allowing them to be aware of breaches on the ground at multiple locations at any time and anywhere. This technology has been used on construction sites around the world and has been effective in ensuring that all site personnel comply with safety policies.
Safety use-cases:
1) Congregation Of Workers
2) Vest Color Based Zoning
3) Hard Hat Detection
4) Safety Vest Detection
5) Workers Under Lifted Loads
6) Missing Barricades
7) Radius Around Heavy Machinery And Vehicles
8) Open Edge Detection
Safety officers will be made aware of safety violations and hazards without having to physically be on site. The safety team would then be able to come up with action plans to educate the personnel on the ground or refine their safety policies. This constant reminder of being watched will inculcate and ensure that safety policies are being followed and ultimately improve the safety culture at the site.
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