Construction activities are inherently dangerous due to its massive scale and convoluted nature. Globally, construction related activities result in 1 death every 10 minutes, making it one of the most dangerous industries in the world. As one of the largest and longest established industries, the construction sector is also one of the least innovative worldwide. However, given the advent of technological advancement, there are several technologies that are here to disrupt the construction sector’s innovation record. Read on to learn about the benefits of using video analytics at construction sites.

What is Video Analytics?

Video analytics is a technology that analyzes video feeds to detect and determine events to generate alerts and insights. This greatly enhances the construction sector’s operational capabilities and is a relatively low cost solution that can tap on existing CCTV infrastructure that already exists at most sites. The application of video analytics includes identifying and detecting intruders, tracking people or objects and has commonly been used in sectors such as security, retail and manufacturing. Nevertheless, video analytics can and should be used on all construction sites due to the benefits it can bring such as:

Benefit 1: Improvement In Construction Safety

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Video analytics is able to provide real-time analysis and automated alerts directly to safety officers on the ground whenever an unsafe act is detected. This not only increases awareness of unsafe acts at the site but also the ability to take swift action.
Safety use-cases:
1) Congregation Of Workers
2) Vest Color Based Zoning
3) Hard hat Detection
4) Safety Vest Detection
5) Workers Under Lifted Loads
6) Missing Barricades
7) Radius Around Heavy Machinery And Vehicles
8) Open Edge Detection
Safety officers will be made aware of safety violations and hazards without having to physically be on site. With this information, the safety team would then be able to come up with action plans to educate the ground crew or conduct rectification works.

Benefit 2: Improvement In Construction Productivity

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With the camera feeds being continuously fed to the Artificial Intelligence algorithms throughout the day, the work progress on site can be analysed. The information collected from such analysis can be used to create videos and reports to used during critical meetings or for progress claims. This can reduce the hassle of company directors having to personally go on site regularly as they can see photos and the progress of the site through a dashboard. Additionally, project managers can use this tool to monitor progress and even perform dispute resolution with subcontractors.
Productivity Use Cases:
1) Building Floor Progress Tracking
2) Lifting Operation Times
3) Zone Completion
4) Timelapse
5) Worker Count

Benefit 3: Improvement In Construction Site Visibility/Security

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As construction sites are dangerous and contain sensitive information, it would be detrimental to the site’s progress should intruders with malicious intent or unwanted people enter the site. They might cause damage to the buildings or even hurt themselves as they are not properly protected. Video Analytics real-time monitoring ensures that these most critical alerts can be sent to safety or security personnel for immediate follow up action.
Site Visibility Use Cases:
1) Facial Recognition
2) Intruder Detection
3) Blacklisted Entry
4) Restricted Area/No Access Area
5) Unruly Behaviours
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