Ailytics was recently selected as the sector winner at TECH WEEK SINGAPORE under the data analytics category.

This win is attributed to the hard work and continued efforts that the team has put in to build products that help companies operate safely and efficiently.


About Ailytics Pte. Ltd.

Ailytics is the leading video analytics company in Southeast Asia that enhances safety and productivity for any operation within the construction and manufacturing industries. Our mission is to augment human intelligence through actionable insights powered by artificial intelligence.

Our flagship products, AiSafety and AiProductivity, are video analytics solutions that can tap into any existing CCTV infrastructure, to provide real-time alerts, trends and reports. Site personnel and managers leverage our products to evaluate sub-contractor performance, track construction progress, educate workers on unsafe practices and strengthen their safety policies.

Join us on our journey to enhance operational safety and efficiency.

Contact us or +65 9828 5628 to find out more.