Singapore, 1 April 2024 – Today, we are excited to announce that Ailytics has successfully closed our oversubscribed Pre-A investment round. The round was led by Tin Men Capital, with the support of other strategic investors such as Woh Hup and AngelCentral.

Ailytics’s solutions leverages existing cameras to provide real-time actionable insights of unsafe acts, productivity metrics, and security breaches. It is able to provide 3D dimensions using 2D video feed from any single camera.  This enables the deployment of complex use cases such as calculating the danger zone under heavy load and a fixed radius around hazardous equipment.  Their solutions can be deployed with high accuracy using existing low resolution cameras, even in harsh environments, making it suitable for dynamic environments found in construction sites and manufacturing plants.  The solution has already been deployed across more than 70 projects, integrating with over 1000 cameras spanning four countries and multiple industry verticals.

With the support of Tin Men Capital, and other strategic investors in the round, we are excited to have the opportunity to expand our services to other key markets across the region. We would also be able to increase our R&D efforts to build the next generation of Video Analytics solutions, powered by Large Vision Models (LVM) capable of handling complex domain-specific tasks. Our ambition is to become the leading one-stop Video Analytics solution provider for heavy industries in Asia. By prioritising safety, we aim to mitigate worksite accidents and minimise occupational hazards while enhancing process efficiency and maximising ROI. Above all, our mission is to safeguard the lives of workers, underlining our commitment to safety and excellence

– Tan Wei Zhuang (Lenard), CEO of Ailytics

The investment would enable Ailytics to accelerate our efforts of expansion to key markets in the region such as Hong Kong, Middle East, Japan, and Oceania as well as expand our portfolio of use cases and platform offerings to provide cutting-edge  video analytics solutions for industrial operations. We will also be streamlining our infrastructure and processes to put us in a better position to scale, as well as hasten our time to develop new use cases.

Regulators of construction and manufacturing are imposing stricter safety standards in these industries. Non-compliance leads to delays, penalties, and revenue loss. Rising labour costs and a tighter skilled labour market are posing challenges too. The right technology can drive productivity and serve as a reliable tool to safeguard workers’ lives by detecting and preventing accidents. Ailytics’ solutions have shown impressive results in reducing accidents, downtime, and boosting productivity. Their solutions have been deployed across many key HDB and JTC projects as well as large general contractors who have selected Ailytics after an extensive review of other alternatives. We are pleased to partner Ailytics team in deepening their offerings within their verticals and expand further across the region

Jeremy Tan, Co-Founder of Tin Men Capital

About Tin Men Capital:

Tin Men Capital is a Singapore-based venture capital firm licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It is led by Singapore citizens Murli Ravi (formerly at Temasek Holdings and JAFCO) and Jeremy Tan (formerly at Morgan Stanley and Puma Energy). 

Tin Men invests in industrial technologies and automation opportunities that are coming to the fore in South-East Asia spanning segments such as smart cities, security, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation & supply chain, retail enablement, travel & tourism, and enterprise productivity. Portfolio companies include Hubble, Zipline, GlobalTix, Overdrive, SixSense and Manuva.

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About Ailytics

Ailytics is one of Asia’s leading scenario-based video analytics solution providers for heavy industries. By tapping into existing cameras, Ailytics provides real-time actionable insights of the safety, productivity and security of operations. Ailytics’s solutions, AI-VSS, AiSafety and AiProductivity, are capable of operating in harsh and dynamic outdoor conditions with low specced cameras and connectivity to ensure unparalleled accuracy and precision in detection, setting new standards for operational efficiency and risk mitigation.

Join us on our journey to enhance industrial operational safety and efficiency.

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