Workplace, Safety and Health (WSH) officers and manpower are hired by main contractors to keep a safe environment for workers during all stages of a project. They are in charge of coming up with and submitting safety plans to the relevant authorities. On a daily basis, WSH personnel would roam the site to look for safety hazards and violations. These efforts collectively aim to make the sites safer.


How can video analytics play a part in site safety?

#1 Automated Alerts

With the ability to monitor site activities 24/7 and in real-time, video analytics can provide automated alerts sent directly to WSH personnel. This allows the WSH personnel to receive violation alerts even if they are not on site. This frees up some time for WSH personnel as they may be held up by works such as the preparation of paperwork for authorities or a safety timeout.


#2 Materials for safety education

Video analytics software can automatically provide a short video before and after the alerts which can be used for safety education. At the moment, safety officers usually call out on workers who make a safety violation and may not show evidence to back it. Video analytics software would solve the problem of it being tedious to go through the process of extracting the CCTV footage capturing the violation.


With video analytics footage played during safety briefings, workers would become more conscious as they know that their actions are being monitored. When complemented with proactive WSH enforcement, safety culture would improve as unsafe acts would naturally lead to consequences faced by the workers or sub-contractors.


#3 Better workflow

Ailytics’ AiSafety module provides users with an easy-to-use dashboard which keeps a log of safety alerts while also sending an alert directly to WSH personnel’s preferred messaging platform. Users can receive instant alerts to act on and return back to the dashboard to update the status of each alert. This allows every incident flagged to be managed properly, improving the safety culture of the sites and workers.

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Our flagship products, AiSafety and AiProductivity, are video analytics solutions that can tap into any existing CCTV infrastructure, to provide real-time alerts, trends and reports. Site personnel and managers leverage our products to evaluate sub-contractor performance, track construction progress, educate workers on unsafe practices and strengthen their safety policies.

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