The Future of Construction Safety & Productivity is Here

Leverage on AI and Analytics to make informed decisions

Accurate & Automated Alerts

Our intelligent video analytics solution is able to detect and report potentially harzadous situations timely and accurately

Hassle Free

ZERO maintainence. Easy to install, use. Agnostic of hardware brands.

Actionable Insights

Understand and improve your worksite safety and efficiency as well as reduce risks and costs through data and analytics

Productivity Module

Enables project managers and executives to have better oversight and detect risks early in the project through accurate tracking of efficiency and progress of various use cases.

  • Lifting operation times
  • Floor progress tracking

Safety Module

Enables safety managers and executives to create a safer worksite by providing round the clock automatic and accurate safety breach detection, alerts and statistics based on configrable parameters.

  • Near Open Barricades
  • Area Under Load
  • Social Distancing
  • Danger Zones
  • Weather Alerts

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Our Testimonials

"Ever since the software was installed at the site, the safety culture has been steadily improving. Also, the accurate real time alerts has enabled me to react more qucikly to potential harzadous situations"
" I can forsee many applications for the technology you have to be used in the construction industry. I especially liked your area under load feature that not many other competitors have"


Enable you to make the best decisions all day every day


To augment human intelligence through artificial intellegence & analytics

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Dr Goh Yang Miang


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